Level Designer

Job Description

Zuuks is a rapidly growing game company, with top-ranked games on mobile. We have over 350 million fans playing our games all over the world! We are creating exciting new opportunities for the best people to join our team.


    Create compelling gameplay spaces, create geometry, place assets, and sculpt terrain based on the vision of the leads & directors. Manage your levels through the full cycle of production from conception to finalization. Prototype the environment, establish the layouts, and suggest ways of using the interactive and non-interactive elements to create the desired emotions. Create level concepts, block them out in the engine’s level editor and ensure a playable prototype throughout production. Continuously improve and balance the maps/levels for competitive gameplay. Work in collaboration with the level artists to ensure that the playability of the level and the graphic elements support each other. As the project progresses, integrate the elements produced in the map (new game play, AI, sound, etc.) Collaborate with the art and design teams to ensure the consistency of your work.

Must have

  • 2+ Years of Experience in level design
  • Creating basic object and particle animations that demonstrate an understanding of weight, balance, and form using Unity
  • Deep understanding the competitive, multiplayer game landscape
  • Hands-on attitude
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İstanbul - Turkey
Full Time
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